Dual Core

Once upon a time an old man built himself a workstation. He had previously enjoyed the benefits of a fairly fast dual processor AMD Athlon, but he got lured into the 64 bit world. Succumbing to the temptation to have the latest and greatest toy – err… realizing that he needed an upgrade to his existing workstation, he demoted his dual Athlon to the render farm (for you non 3d types – no it has nothing to do with dead cows) and built himself a brand new, shiny 64bit workstation. For awhile, the old man was very happy in the 64 bit world, with his single processor. It was faster. It was bigger. It was cooler (literally – the heat generated was bearable). It played Battlefield without a hiccup.

Then summer ended and work began in earnest. Behold the single processor had much to do. Too much in fact, bringing it to it’s sorry little knees – thus causing the old man much consternation and agony. Trying to open Photoshop, Maya, Lightwave and Outlook Express made the old man cry. Sigh. Having had enough of this state of affairs, the old man decided not to just cry, but to see if he could do something about it. Thus the research began. It took all of 20 minutes and behold, the internet brought great tidings of comfort and joy!

Unbeknownst to the old man, he had made a very wise decision (is it wise when it’s an accident?) when he purchased his 64 bit motherboard, for the motherboard (Asus A8V) supported the new dual core Athlon 64X2 processor! People who knew the old man said that they had never seen him grin so wide. :)


Here I am – on the blogging bandwagon. Suffice to say that hopefully this will be a place where you can discover tips, tricks and rants about all things to do with character animation, 3d and anything else that fits my fancy. If you would like to comment on anything you read here please feel free to email me.

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