Should animators be able to draw?

A few years ago, the answer to this question was a ‘no brainer’. Of course you had to know how to draw, after all it was all 2d animation. When 3d came into the animation world all of a sudden the animators didn’t need to know how to draw. Makes sense, right? I mean, you pose the character and then let the computer worry about the drafting of the frame (ok, after the textures and lighting has been set up). So why am I drawing? Partly because I really like it. But partly because I think it helps my animation. It helps me to be a better observer. Dr. Stephen Gregory (Animator at Pixar) from the splinedoctors says:

Having an understanding of drawing even at the basic levels helps posing… design, your knowledge of anatomy and your ability to observe… You want to be an animator then focus on that, but learn the other stuff just don’t spend as much time on it…

Check out Stephen’s full post here (under ‘School follow up’ Nov 14/05). Just keep learning… just keep learning…

Monster House

So here is a trailer of Sony Picture’s next animated film. I dunno about you, but I got a creepy feeling from the trailer – not because the house was scary, but the animation was… well it felt weird. It turns out that it is mocap… oh-oh, let the flame wars begin.

Daily Doodle Dragon V2

Nov 14, 2005 - Dragon
Dragon – Nov 14, 2005