Free Drawing Book

Ok, I haven’t read it, and it’s a bit dated, but hey, it’s free! It is called “The Practice & Science of Drawing” by Harold Speed. It sure starts out interestingly:

Permit me in the first place to anticipate the disappointment of any student who opens this book with the idea of finding “wrinkles” on how to draw faces, trees, clouds, or what not, short cuts to excellence in drawing, or any of the tricks so popular with the drawing masters of our grandmothers and still dearly loved by a large number of people. No good can come of such methods, for there are no short cuts to excellence. But help of a very practical kind it is the aim of the following pages to give; although it may be necessary to make a greater call upon the intelligence of the student than these Victorian methods attempted.

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Nov 15, 2005 - Knight
Knight – Nov 15, 2005