‘Nother Logo Update

Just when you think you have it, another revision. I felt the previous logo was still too playful. So I took a different tact. I like the idea of having red, so I changed it to more of a blood red. I also fade it to black at the bottom, giving the whole logo a much more sinister appearance. I got rid of the contrasting colors and I’m going to stick to one color. That way I can use the contrasting colors (from the triad or just a complementary color – a color on the opposite side of the color wheel) on uniforms, flags, posters and such, in the game. I’ll sleep on it, and maybe change something else, but I’m thinking this is much better. I think…

Updated logo

Depending on your monitor and it’s settings, the last version of the logo may have looked more ‘orange’ than red. To solve this bit of ambiguity, I decided to break a bit from the triad and make the red more red (less orange – which is a playful color, and more blood red). I also made it a bit darker. He is evil, after all. I’m sure there will be one or more additional tweaks to get it to the stage where it works, but you have to start somewhere!

I’m currently toying of getting rid of the little swooshes on the ends as they bring a bit too much ‘fun’ into the picture and when you shrink the logo (like viewing it at a distance or making it the size of a badge) those elements will disappear. So why have them when you can’t see them?

The Bad Guy’s Logo

Every evil antagonist needs an identity design. No exceptions here. Our bad guy in our game is out to own the universe, but he wants to do it in style. So here is his logo. You may or may not like it, but our evil genius doesn’t care – he likes it. And when your client is an evil genius, he’s always right.

I designed his logo with the following criteria in mind. Our overall art direction for the game is playful – not dark, but fun (fun doesn’t mean it can’t be scary though). Not hyperrealistic, but neither a Tex Avery toony style. It’s somewhere in between. As such, the look of the logo has to fit into our universe. This has to be kept in the back of our designer minds.

Our client, the evil megalomaniac, is a bad guy and therefore the general shape of the logo probably shouldn’t be cuddly. The overall shape of the logo needs to reflact his ‘badness’. Hence the choice of a triangle. Sharp edges, lots of pointy parts, all of which indicate a knife or tooth shape. Of course a knife blade doesn’t usually have straight lines for edges so we curved the edges and made the overall shape more like a fang or tooth. If we had left it at that, something would have been missing. At first I just cut out a circle in the hypotenuse (remember your math? It’s the longest side on a right angle triangle). Doing this added a little variation, but something was still missing. The white area seemed empty and sparse. Our evil genius is in the habit of collecting worlds, so to speak, so why not place a symbolic representation of our earth in that spot. Position it just so, so that it looks like it’s in the clutches of our knife. Not bad… overall a symbolic expression of our bad guy.

The next thing to do is pick colors for the logo. Well, our earth is known as the blue marble because from space it looks like a blue marble. So we start with blue for the circle. Now what? Triadic harmony to the rescue. A triadic harmony is a set of three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel. You pick a color and then draw an equal-sided triangle on your color wheel and where the other two points end up you have your two additional colors. What a triadic harmony does is let you pick three most contrasting colors on the color wheel (relatively speaking). It just turns out that the other two colors that are on the triad are red and yellow. A red color is perfect for the main ‘tooth’ of the logo – red (in our western culture) is a very emotional color (and our evil genius is very emotional about owning the universe). Some adjectives that are often used to describe red are: passion, strength, energy, leadership, and power. That works well for our evil genius. The last color in the triad is yellow and that’s the color for the outline. Now to design the bad guy.