So we were watching some episodes of Hogan’s Heroes the other day and during a brief intermission, while the DVD was paused, I did a quick caricature of John Banner, otherwise known as Sergeant Schultz. Did you know he was actually Jewish and fled Austria in 1938 when Austria was annexed by Germany!

Hogan’s Heroes was on TV for about 6 years and I remember watching it when I was 9 or 10 (back when I was short and actually had hair!). I was that young? Oy. Anyway, I still enjoy watching the shows. Funny, the acting was definitely not top notch and I even remember at age 9 that it wasn’t top notch – but some of the actors did a pretty good job and their characters were definitely memorable – especially Klink and Schultz – at least to a 9 year old. They weren’t really complex characters (hey, it’s a sitcom, right?), but fairly simple. They had a goal and things kept getting in the way. Pretty standard stuff. I always tuned in to see what farfetched thing would happen in Stalag 13 that day (they built a boat in a prisoner of war camp?).

Anyway, that got me to thinking about how ‘forgiving’ we are when parts of a show or film aren’t perfectly spot on – but we watch it anyways, and we even come back again to watch the next show! The audience is pretty flexible. I think Hogan’s Heroes had enough of a story and good characters that you come back for more. Well, I did anyways… Of course, for some people the bad acting bits were so bad they never tuned in again.

That brings me to what’s on TV today. I don’t watch much, mainly because I’m too busy, but every once in a while (especially when a pilot show comes on) I take the time to test the waters. There aren’t a lot of shows that I have seen and like – for lots of reasons (soap opera acting, poor story, lousy characters, bad content… the list goes on). There aren’t too many shows on today that I would buy 30 years from now to watch again… maybe that just says something about me, but maybe it has something to say about TV programming of today (maybe both). Ah well, off to dinner!