Le Tour

If you have seen my old Animation Mentor training exercises you will notice that in one of the clips I have the character riding a bicycle across the finish line. The exercise, if I remember correctly, was to express one emotion. I chose the character on a bike because I really enjoy cycling. My yearly highlight in the sport is keeping track of the Tour de France. This year there doesn’t seem to be ‘one’ favorite in the race (as in previous years when Lance Armstrong dominated the Tour), but today’s stage was pretty intense. Floyd Landis was amazing. He was in 11th position in the previous stage and today he pulled up his bootstraps and won the stage ending up in 3rd position overall (only 30 seconds behind the first place overall leader Oscar Pereiro). Landis’ average speed over 200 km of mountains was 37.15km/h! Congrats Floyd! For more information visit the le Tour’s site.