You have to be kidding, right?

I’ve enjoyed a lot of the posts from Cartoonbrew in the past, some I’ve disagreed with, but this one takes the cake. Amid, of Cartoonbrew fame, has a blog entry regarding the tension between Miyazaki and his son and Amid says:

I must say though, in one sense it’s refreshing to see somebody like Hayao Miyazaki who cares so much about his art that he’s willing to put it above his family’s happiness. Great works of animation like SPIRITED AWAY and PRINCESS MONONOKE certainly aren’t made without sacrifice. Perhaps animation would be better in the States if more people were willing to make those type of sacrifices for their films.

In one sense it’s refreshing? What kind of sense exactly is that? Nonsense, perhaps. The moral of the story is, sacrifice your family for your art? You have to be kidding. Get your priorities straight Amid. The family unit has just about been destroyed and you want to add the last nail in the coffin? People, anyone, please don’t sacrifice your family for your art. No matter what the art, it’s not worth it. Sure, there are times you need to make sacrifices, but don’t sacrifice something greater for something lesser. That, in the old days, was called stupidity.

Update: It seems I wasn’t the only one upset about Amid’s post and apparently it was a miscommunication (he has added an ‘update’ on his post). Oh well, a good lesson anyway, let’s just remember our priorities and keep ‘em straight.