A follow up… and update

Sorry I haven’t been posting very much lately. Work, life… they seem to get in the way. Anyway, this past weekend I was doing bathroom renovations (something you need to do rather quickly when you have only one bathroom and 5 women in the house). All this with a cold and fever… so the weekend was a doozy (I sure hope I installed the plumbing right). I’m not sure what made me feel wonkier… the cold medicine or the tub surround adhesive.

Anyway, on the animation front be sure to check out this great little interview with Nancy Beiman, the author of ‘Prepare to Board’. It’s definitely worth a visit. I haven’t checked out the rest of the magazine, but Flip is looking interesting. Here is a quote from Nancy (I’m not alone!!):

I’m surprised that you have not asked me about Motion Capture. I feel that this has the same relationship to animation as paint-by-numbers kits to the original artist’s painting. We all had those kits when we were kids. Well, I never painted them; I used the cheap oils to customize my toy plastic animals. Paint by numbers did not contain any challenges. Art comes from interpreting reality through the artist’s subjective lens. Mo-capped animation anchors the characters firmly to the physical movements and limitations of the human body. Worse yet it turns animation artists into machines.