It seems like the governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have tweaked the requirements for the rules for animated feature films. According to the AWN article:

The significance of the change emphasizes the importance of frame-by-frame character animation, and now rules out such films as A SCANNER DARKLY and WAKING LIFE for qualification. According to Jon Bloom, chairman of the Short Films and Feature Animation branch as well as a governor, the branch was concerned that the digital rotoscoping technique utilized in these two features was not crucial enough in shaping the animated performances. And although Bloom added that both THE POLAR EXPRESS and MONSTER HOUSE would qualify under the new requirements, the branch is keeping a close eye on how motion capture/performance capture technology evolves.

So now rotoscoping is not animation. Well and good. But don’t they see that mocap is the same thing? Don’t they see that mocap is not crucial enough in shaping the animated performance? Oh well. Time to get off my hobby horse and get back to animating.