Making Ideas Happen

Jim Capobianco in his blog has a good entry on a technique for making ideas happen (taken from Alexander (Sandy) Mackendrick’s On Film-Making). The last step of which is ‘Preserving the Spark’. The point where the rubber meets the road.

Jim says “Preserving the spark, this comes from practice, but is the ability to take the above involuntary ignition of the idea and apply effort and discipline to establish a level of productivity to bring your work to life. Sandy warns of two mistakes that are made here. They are, impatience – “the proficient hack seizes too soon on an idea that expertly renders immature and superficial ideas” and inexperience – “the inspired amateur has a brilliant concept that dies through incompetence of expression”.

That’s a good summary for a couple of reasons (among many) for the existence of bad films (and, I would add, not just bad films, but many products): impatience and incompetence. Here’s to patience and competence!