Here is another robot image. Just practicing technique and coming up with ideas to see if I can start getting a grasp on concept art creation. It’s a tricky thing coming up with something new. Even this guy kind of looks like those Star Wars ‘popup’ bots.


One of the main hurdles I’m encountering is the ‘technical’ aspect of the drawings. I suppose that when that gets easier I’ll be able to concentrate more on the ‘coming up with a unique idea’ rather than ‘drawing it convincingly’ technique. One sure fire method of getting better technically is to simply practice. Practice ’seeing’ and then drawing. Train that brain. It can be a bit discouraging when you’ve drawn 10 or 20 drawings and they all feel like they are part of the 100,000 bad drawings that need to come out. But they do need to come out – so hang in there, maybe drawing 21 will be really cool!