New Animation Book

Here is an interesting new addition to the animation books genre, it is called ‘All About Techniques in Drawing for Animation Production‘. There is no author listed on the cover, but it appears that the main contributor to the book is Sergi Camara, an animator/illustrator from Spain. This is a book in a series called Barron’s All about Techniques. According to the back cover “Books in Barron’s All about Techniques series have been written for advanced art students and experienced amateurs. They explain the fundamentals of the art, then proceed to give step-by-step advice on methods you must master to create complete, highly finished artwork.

I haven’t gone through the book with a fine tooth comb, but it certainly grabbed my attention. The artwork is good (from rough sketches to completed pieces), and the content appears good: starting with a brief history of animation, the book has 6 main chapters: The Studio and the Materials, The Storyboard, Creating and Constructing Characters, The Layout, The Animation, The Finish. There are approximately 186 pages so you can’t get into too much detail about any one topic, but I do like what it does cover. The biggest section seems to be “The Animation” chapter covering approximately 77 pages. I’m not sure there is much new as far as content, but I like how it is presented. Either way, if you are a 2d or 3d animator this looks like a good edition to add to your collection… well it jumped into my shopping cart!