John Lasseter Interview

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a neat interview with John Lasseter.

His interview brings back a lot of memories. I remember back in the 80’s working on what was called a Raster Machine in the computer science lab at the University of Calgary (it had the resolution of an old VGA card). It was probably one of the most expensive pieces of hardware I had ever worked on at the time (in the 100’s of thousands of dollars range – that was a lot back then!). I did my very first piece of digital art on that old piece of hardware – a digital painting. It was really quite simple – if I recall it was a painting of foothills leading up to mountains (fitting for the Calgary area). One of the students had created a ‘paint’ program and we were playing around with it. That’s when I first saw the potential of this medium. I’ve been hooked ever since – both at the technical and artistic end of things. What a ride!