A Couple of Updates

My Palomino pencils arrived the other day – and, for those who care, I still like my Tombow the best. It just has such a nice dark if you need it and it’s smooth as silk (not as smooth as a Colerase), but overall I like the Tombow pencil the best. There are a couple of close seconds, but please don’t take away my Tombow!

Apart from my daily play (err… work) for my current client(s) I’ve been slowly going through the Famous Artists Course – the 1954 version (the one that includes Norman Rockwell as one of the instructors!). There are a lot of gems in this set of books if you can still find the volumes. I found mine on eBay. Anyway, I’m not enrolled in the actual course or anything (there is still a modern day version of this course where your work is critiqued on a regular basis), but instead I’m just going through the books. Nothing to show yet, just copying a lot of photographs and sketches in order to train my eye/brain/hand.

On the game creation front, I’ve decided on a very cool game engine. There are only two main drawbacks that I’ve encountered so far… The first is that the development environment is on a Mac. But, oh boy, what a development enviroment! So now I have a cool dual core intel Mac. The neat thing is that you can create the game executable not only for the Mac, but also for Windows. The second drawback is that it’s only OpenGL. When Windows Vista comes out it seems like OpenGL will run ‘under’ DirectX. Hopefully that won’t be the case, but if it is then that shouldn’t be too much of a problem because I have also decided to reduce the scope of my first game. I’m coinciding the game with a children’s book I’m writing and illustrating in my “spare” time. As for the game engine, the support is good and the community is growing.

If you like Linux or ever wanted to play around with it without messing up your current Windows installation, you can burn a CD or DVD with Knoppix (Debian Kernel 2.6.17) and then boot from the CD or DVD! It’s a neat way to be able to learn/play/work with Linux without worrying about dual boot or having an extra machine to load Linux on… the only real requirement is having a bootable CD or DVD player.

One other note of interest, if you haven’t heard. Popeye the Sailor Man is coming to DVD in 2007!