Stormy Night

(Click images for larger version)

Here are some photos I took at around 2:00am last night. A bit of a storm pushed through our area and so we enjoyed the light show for about an hour. So instead of trying to sleep through the thunder and lightning, I grabbed my Nikon D70 propped it up on the headboard and took a bunch of photos out of our bedroom window.

The trick was to keep the focus, catch the lightning and keep it steady. Having it on top of the headboard I placed the lens hood right against the window – that made a makeshift tripod which took care of the steadiness problem. In order to capture the lightning I took a lot of 2 to 4 second exposures at bulb setting one after the other… I just opened the shutter then counted 1 to 4 (or so) let the shutter close and immediately opened it again. After about 20 shots I went through and deleted any images that didn’t work out (of course this was when the neatest lightning decided to strike). For focus I set the focus at infinity – well actually just a little before the infinity symbol (play around with your camera during the day to know exactly where the actual infinity focus is – it varies from camera to camera and can be a little bit before or after the infinity symbol). The wonder of digital cameras!

This morning I marveled not only at the pictures and awesome wonder of lightning, but that I could actually do all those things half asleep!