Just a clarification, for those of you who have written or are thinking about writing regarding my last blog entry. I have nothing against the nude human figure, male or female. I understand and agree that we need to study the figure in order to become better artists (just as a doctor needs to study the body in order to become a better doctor). Notice I previously said that the human body is beautiful.

My issue is with displaying art thinking that the only impact or interest it will have is a technical one. Art affects people. The internet is a community of the world. It is obviously filled with people of many different beliefs, world views and interests. Here we have images of the female body that were originally intended to degrade a beautiful thing. Now they are reproduced for technical reasons, but seemingly no thought is given to their original intent and to the affect they may have on visitors. Nothing fundamental has changed regarding the artwork. The artist’s intent was to create pornography. The artwork was intended to make men look at women as they would a piece of meat. The fact that it is now displayed to show technical ability is inconsequential to many who will visit the site. What they will see are images that were used to (and so still do) degrade what is beautiful.

Whether you agree with me or not, the least they could do is to put the images on a separate page warning people that some of the images may be inappropriate for some viewers.

Nuff said – I hope…