Dominance War Mini Challenge 2D

CGSociety (and other digital art forums) has an annual challenge that, guess what, helps to challenge you! It also had an added benefit of creating elements for your portfolio (since a lot of them can be under NDA). This is my entry for the Dominance War 2d Mini Challenge. Again, I don’t expect to win, there are a lot of talented artists out there, plus I think this one is just amazing. I wanna grow up to be just like him (well, at least in the 2d technical end of things!).

You can check out all the 2d entries and the 3d entries. Note: on the banner there are a number of forums represented, you can click on each of the forum names to get a list of all the entries by individuals of each of those forums. Note2: See if you can spot my 3d entry. I’ll post an image here later… that is if I remember.