Happy Belated Christmas and New Year!

So, like, what happened to the last 4 months? Wow, what a whirl wind. Anyway, just like everyone else in the blogosphere I’m going to try and make sure I update my blog much more often. A new years resolution perhaps? Well… err… maybe. I guess we’ll see how long it lasts. But at least the intent is there!

Anyway, I’ve upgraded Wordpress to the latest and shiniest model and that will allow me to add some bells and whistles. For starters, I think I’m going to be combining the website with the blog – that way I don’t feel so schizophrenic. Also, it will make it much easier to update the website with new content. Lastly, with the new software you will also note that if you access the blog from your mobile device you will get a much better experience. I implemented WPtouch and it seems to work quite nicely. All the best to you in the New Year!

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