Lunar Eclipse

It’s been a week and I haven’t posted anything… it’s really been a week? Wow. I’ve been knee deep in projects and that is good. Some pretty cool stuff I get to work on, but unfortunately I can’t talk about – at least not yet.

So you have to endure my talking about what I’m doing in my spare time (yes, I do have a few minutes here and there). I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what I’ve missed in the software development world in the last 10 years. Mainly because I’m considering writing a game and that involves art and programing. Not a whole lot has changed – but now I remember why I took the artistic detour 10 years ago. Anyway, it’s to the point that it is like a battle between the Arts and the Sciences in my head. I’m trying to decide which I prefer to participate in more… I feel like a yo-yo. One minute I love one, and hate the other. The next minute I flip flop. The side that wins will probably determine what I will do with the rest of my spare time for a number of years. Decisions, decisions… You may not think that a minute or two here and there make a difference, but consider this: say you have 1 hour a day to spend on something, 1 hour times 365 days a year equals about two weeks of time in a year. Take that number and multiply it by, say, 20 years. That’s 40 weeks, almost a year! Now imagine you had that year to spend on something – what will it be? (edit: that’s full 24 hour days… if you change that to 8 hour days, well… now you have two years worth (120 weeks) – that’s a lot of weeks!)

Anyway, on a side note… here is a composite image I created last year when the earth cast a shadow on our moon. Boy I miss going out with my camera and telescope (it’s been too busy, cold and cloudy)…. too many interests and so little time. I think I’m starting to envy Methuselah’s life span!