“Finally vertex modeling on the go. Fantastic for 3d artists like myself on the move in the city.”  Frameworld, App Store Review

“Absolutely stellar effort for modeling on the go. As a game developer this is a fantastic tool to have along with for fleshing out ideas no matter where inspiration hits. Thank you for your hard work.”   pixelplacement, App Store Review

“…this is an excellent 3D model editor, one I will be using very often. I was unsure of the purchase but I would advise anyone thinking of purchasing this little app to buy with confidence!”   Bigsoftier, App Store Review

“This is a very very cool app. I can import a model to Maya and it works well. Therefore now I have the ability to build simple models or components for larger models, whenever and wherever… If you are a serious beginner, professional, or hobbyist, and you have an iPhone or iPad, this is a good addition to your tool set. It is very easy to learn. In my opinion, it’s like have a piece of Maya in my pocket.”  L. Fletcher

             To purchase iSculptor™ for iPhone/iTouch click here.

             To purchase iSculptorHD™ for iPad click here.

             (An indpendent review of iSculptor™ on AppSmile.com.)

iSculptor™/iSculptorHD™ are complete 3d modeling applications for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad, that allow you to create and modify 3d objects using the strengths of both cursor and touch technology. iSculptor™/iSculptorHD™ give you the ability to create 3d models anywhere! We hope you have as much fun with our apps as we do!


iSculptor™ is specifically for the iPhone/iTouch. Using email, you can email your 3d objects to anyone. With its free sister Macintosh® application, iSculptorNet™, you can import and export 3d models into and out of iSculptor™ (using the Wavefront OBJ file format).


iSculptorHD™ is only for the iPad. Using email, you can email your 3d objects to anyone. On the iPad you can import and export your 3d models using iTunes (using the Wavefront OBJ file format).

iSculptor™/iSculptorHD™ Features

* full unlimited undo capability (undo camera rotation, pan, zoom, 3d element selection, and model editing)
* rotate, pan, zoom camera
* limit camera rotation to 45 degree increments for simulation of front, side, back, and top views
* individual selection of vertices and polygons (additive selection mode)
* marquee selection of vertices
* convert vertex selection to polygons and polygon selection to vertices
* grow polygon selection
* move vertices and polygons (along the view plane or along polygon normals)
* align vertices
* merge vertices
* split polygon loop
* triangulate, quadrangulate
* extrude polygons (combined and individual)
* scale polygons or vertex selections
* perspective or orthographic mode
* wireframe or shaded view
* models can be made up of different mesh pieces, but all of them must conform to the model limitations
* you can import/export models using iTunes
* iSculptorHD™ only: floating movable tool palette
* iSculptorHD™ only: model at any orientation (portrait/landscape)

iSculptor™/iSculptorHD™ Limitations

* For proper display purposes ensure that your models contain convex polygons (no indentations).
* The polygon mesh cannot have any holes in the mesh or edges that have only one polygon connected to them.
* The only polygons that are permitted are triangles and quadrangles – polygons made up of three or four sides.
* There is a limit to the number of polygons and vertices that can be imported into iSculptor™. The functional limit for iSculptor™ is approximately 2500 polygons, for iSculptorHD™ is approximately 5000 polygons. Any more and the app can become too slow, or unstable due to memory limitations of the mobile device.
* If you import an OBJ file into iSculptor™/iSculptorHD™, be aware that texture and normal coordinates are deleted. When the OBJ file is exported out of iSculptor it will not contain any normal or texture coordinates.
* Do not use a double sided material in your native 3d application. Some 3d applications export a double sided material as two sets of polygons with one set having normals facing inward, and another set facing outward. Importing this kind of model into iSculptor™/iSculptorHD™ will result in double geometry.

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