2d Fun

I did this about a month ago playing around with 2d animation. His name is Schultzie. I know he needs a bunch more in-betweens, but it’s getting there (at least you can tell he’s walking, right?). I have a bunch more respect for 2d guys. It’s tough to stay on model and you really have to know your character from all sorts of angles in order to draw him right. But I love the flexibility you have by not being tied to a rig. There is no way that 2d is dead – it’s just too much fun.


In case you didn’t know…

A blog I like to frequent quite a bit is Mark Kennedy’s blog. There is almost always something of interest (whether you knew it and need to be reminded of it, or if it’s entirely new). A handy place to get some of the notes that Mark has put on his blog can be found here. So much to learn and so much to remember – I could use a memory upgrade.


Just a note to let you regular attendees know that I’m still alive and well. Just finished a couple of projects and I’m into serious learning mode. I have an idea I’m working on in my spare time (yes, along with all those other ideas) and it’s going to take some doing to get it right. No hints yet. But I think it’s cool (well, my wife does too…). Anyway, back at it!

Dancin’ Update

An update to my dancing robot. I made his silhouette read a bit better, made a tighter render, modified some inconsistencies (his headphones actually go over where his ears are supposed to be, and the hip discs are closer in size). You can click on the image to get a larger size.








Great Art Resource

I haven’t gone through it all yet, but this site is a great resource for things ‘artistic’. The section on perspective alone will take you a chunk of time to get through – not only is it extensive, but it’s free!

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