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Edit: I removed the post (quite long) and instead I direct you to the AWN article that contains the same information.

Orphan Works Legislation

I’m not sure what I can do as a Canadian citizen, but the least I can do is let my US artist friends know about this proposed legislation that the United States seems to be pursuing. Please read this article.

Edit: Please email your local government representatives and ask them to kill this legislation. Please keep your eyes open for the final legislation. If what people are saying about it is true (make sure you listen to the audio interview with Brad Holland of the Illustrators Partnership), then email your local government representative and ask them to kill this legislation.

If this passes it would definitely mean a lot of bad news for any artist. In fact, the way that I understand it, it would be an end to self expression. It would be cost prohibitive to create anything artistic. Moreover, someone else could, without your knowing, register your own work and then if you used it – you would be using it illegally! Please, let this either be a hoax or defeated before it goes any further.

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