I’m still here! Nothing much to report or comment on (at least that I’m allowed!), but I thought it might be a good idea to post at least something! I have been debating on whether or not to take advantage of the XSI offer to move from Essentials to Advanced (since Essentials is going away). I’m not too happy with Autodesk and the direction that Maya has taken in the last few iterations. I’m still on 7.0 as a result. Maya seems to be a dead end, but I sure love it’s character animation workflow and Final Render for Maya is a dream to work with…but maybe it’s time to switch (which of course means more learning curves to tackle – Mental Ray and XSI). I have till the end of the month to decide.

I would be posting more images/work in progress, but the orphan bill is still up in the air so I’ll just wait it out to see what happens (I think it is currently on hold). Then, depending on how it unravels I will decide on what direction to take on posting images/samples on the internet. Thanks for stopping by!

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