Blackwing Pencil

For those of you into analog pencils you probably know about the legendary Blackwing pencil. Well, I just got an email from the folks at California Cedar Products and they have bought the rights to it and will be releasing the Blackwing in the coming months! Woot! I know, it’s the artist, not the tool… but the tool sure helps!

Work on!

I’m not a reductionist kind of guy. But, I have my moments. And this article really sits well with me, because frankly, it fits in with my experiences and world view. If you want to pursue something and do well in that ’something’, you have to work at it. End of story. No excuses. By the way, I’m preaching to myself here… if you feel it applies to you, then great! If not, then feel free to move along… nothing to see here.

Do you want to be a good animator, draftsman, painter, graphic designer, concept artist, character designer, etc… then set your mind to improving in your chosen field and work hard at it. Don’t expect overnight miracles. That’s why Chuck Jones was told that in order to draw anything worthwhile you have to get the 100,000 bad drawings out. 100,000 drawings? That’s a lot of work. Get to it.

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