Prepare to Board!

Prepare to Board! by Nancy Beiman

This is a great book. Go buy it now. Well… only if you are interested in ‘creating story and characters for animated features and shorts’ that is… I just wish it was a bit more detailed (but then again I’m only 1/3 of the way through it).


Helix #2




Website Update

If you haven’t been around our main website lately, please take a peek and if you have any problems with it. It’s a flash only site so you will need the Flash 8.0+ player to view it correctly.

Edit: If, all of a sudden, as you loaded the new site, you had strange sounds coming out of your speakers (without instigating anything) you encountered a bug I missed. It was a Flash error on my part (thanks Mark for letting me know about it!). As the show reel finished loading in the background it had ‘autoplay’ set – so even though you didn’t see the reel playing you could hear it. It made it even more odd because the show reel only has sounds at specific points in the reel – since I decided not to add a music track.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all readers of ye old blog! It is good to remember the reason for the season (that saying is useful for times other than Christmas). On that note, if you haven’t seen (I mean heard) it yet, Glen Keane of Disney fame has a very nice Easter message you can find here.

Helix #1

I don’t promise a new toon every week, but I’m certainly going to shoot for it. Just click on the image for a viewable flash version of the toon. If you like it, let me know! If you don’t like it… let me know, too! I’m finding it a real challenge. It’s an exercise for setting up a joke, creating interesting poses, and drawing the character consistently (that’s tough on its own!). I totally have a new appreciation for cartoonists!

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