Just Animate – Wheels (part 3)

Just Animate – Wheels (part 2)

Just Animate – Wheels (part 1)

I have a number of training video tutorials (11 DVDs worth) in the archives that deal with everything from modeling, to scripting to character animation using Maya, Max and Lightwave. I’m going to slowly make this material available for download via YouTube. Please if you are interested in purchasing a higher resolution version of the training material. The training material is:

Just Animate – Wheels! (Maya)
Just Animate – Games! (Lightwave)
Just Animate – Walk Cycles (Lightwave)
Just Animate – Walk Cycles for 3ds Max
Just Animate – Facial Expressions and Body Language (Lightwave)
Just Animate – Lip Sync (Lightwave)
Concept Art – digital painting
Model&Rig in a Day (Lightwave)
Just Animate – Workflow (Maya)
Animator’s Gym (General, with Maya specifics)
Special Project – Spinebot (Lightwave)
Special Project – SuperJet (Lightwave)
Special Project – Colliding Galaxies (Maya)
3D Apprenticeship – Max (Model, rig, texture, animate horse)
3D Apprenticeship – Maya (Model, rig, texture, animate elephant)

Here is Part 1 of the Just Animate – Wheels training for Maya. It covers how to automatically rotate wheels using expressions in Maya. It was originally created using Maya 4.5, but it is, I believe, still applicable in any version of Maya. Happy animating!

Happy Birthday to me (belated)!

A few days ago was my birthday (and the next day was my wife’s birthday – how cool is that!), and I received some pretty cool presents. Presents I definitely have to blog about.

The first, I got from my most awesomest daughters (all four pitched in to get it):

Too Funny For Words
“Too Funny For Words, Disney’s Greatest Sight Gags” This is a book by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two of my favorite ‘Nine Old Men’ who worked (played?) at Disney. It gives visual examples of the 8 different types of gags that were common categories of gags in the Disney Studio. Very interesting, informative and full of great art! The extra cool thing about this copy is that it’s a signed copy by Frank and Ollie!! Woot!

My second present, just as cool:

Bambi“Walt Disney’s Bambi, The Story and The Film” Another awesome book by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. This was a gift from my amazing wife! This was a brand new copy (sealed in original wrap) full of great art and film background, it comes with a little flip book. A flip book (in case you don’t know) contains consecutive images that when flipped create the illusion of motion (you know, like drawing little pictures in the corner of your textbook at school and then quickly flipping it to see it move). The flip book has an animated young Bambi, older Bambi, Thumper, and Friend Owl. The most amazing, to me, is Thumper rolling around laughing – it was animated by Frank Thomas. Amazing… simply amazing – I think I’m going to wear out this flip book watching it over and over. Maybe I’ll scan it in so I can view it on my laptop.

Oh, I got some other cool presents, but those two were definitely the highlights!! The other present worth blogging about is the Nintendo DS lite! It has minimal graphics (not as good quality, me thinks, as the PSP), but good enough to run a bunch of fun games and, get this, a paint program! I have it on order so I’ll have to see how it runs once I have it all installed. The DS is cool in that it has a stylus and pressure sensitive screen – that will, hopefully, make it a great mini mobile sketchbook! Boy am I spoiled rotten! Happy birthday to me… happy birthday to me…

2d Animation

Kung Fu Panda to bring back 2d animation? Sounds great to me! What I’ve seen of the trailers and art, it’s lookin’ good!

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