Hover World – update

Remember the little game I created in order to learn how to use the Unity game engine? If you don’t then you can read more about it here. Anyway, just for fun I entered it in a contest and it received 5th place. The main criterion for the contest was that the game was ‘unique’ and my entry certainly wasn’t unique so me thinks that 5th isn’t too bad. Congrats to the winners. Some of those games were certainly unique!

As a general update… I wish I had more paintings from my workshop with Don Seegmiller, but I haven’t had time to do any more! But that, in a way, is a good thing. It means I’m busy with freelance work. I’m working with some wonderful clients working on some fun and cool projects.

As a closing note… did you hear about Hafnium? It sounds like they are going to be making computer chips using Hafnium instead of Silicon. A bit more information about that cool technology can be found here…

I’m Still Here!

Honest, I’m still here and busy as a beaver. I’ve been blessed with a bunch of freelance work this month and since this industry is feast or famine, you need to work when there is work. In the little spare time I have I’ve been working on my game engine – all in the thought process stage – relearning things I’ve forgotten and learning about all the new technology that I need to get a handle on… this real time programming stuff is very cool. Anyway, back to animating – thanks for stopping by!

Cool Gadgets for the New Year

What a way to start the new year! Here are two gadgets that would be cool to have (my birthday is around the corner, by the way):

A 3d printer
An indoor helicopter (that flies in all directions!)

The 3d printer is about $2400, which isn’t too bad considering that a few years ago an HP Laser Jet III cost about the same… the helicopter, well that’s a bit more affordable (in the $60-$80 range).

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