Virtual PC

Ok, so I’m a bit behind the times… did you know that Microsoft has released Microsoft Virtual PC for free? So what’s the big deal, you ask… well, for one thing it’s cool, and for another thing, it’s useful.

So what is it? It essentially lets you run a PC within a PC. This means you can run your regular version of windows on your hardware, say for example Vista and then in a window under Vista run Windows XP or Linux or what have you. It’s probably a little slower than having dual boot, but much easier to ‘install’. You can even install an old copy of Windows 95! (do you really want to?) But maybe you have an application that worked in ‘95 but stopped working when you upgraded – you might be able to run it again – under a virtual PC. Cool eh?

bombChase! update

For those of you who tried to download the game (see previous post), installed it and then promptly experienced a crash, here is a version that should work. The problem has to do with graphics cards that don’t support rotating particle systems. Thanks goes out to ‘Grinch’, for helping me resolve the problem!

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