More painting…

I’m really enjoying digital painting, though I am still in general ‘copy’ mode. By that I mean I’m mostly using reference and sticking fairly close to it – learning to reproduce the shading, color, and proportions. I’m not trying to be exactly literal, but I’m not straying far from home. I’ll probably try some more experimental stuff later, when I feel like I’m getting a better handle on this technique. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!


Yes, I’m still here – busy as usual! But I thought I would update the site and change it back to its regular blog look. I liked the look of the previous version, but somehow functionally it didn’t work as well. Anyway, hopefully things are much easier to view and find.

So I’ve had my tablet for about a month and I just love it. I purchased a Sahara Slate PC (i440D to be precise) and though it had a faulty memory dimm when I received it, the service people over at Tablet Kiosk were great and replaced it licketty split. It’s been running just fine now and I can’t imagine life without it! It’s fast and has the Wacom penenabled technology. I really love Alias Sketchbook Pro and Painter X. The image is a painting I did using the tablet. It is a tonal study of a head I painted using Painter for Don Seegmiller’s Face and Figure Painting Workshop being currently held at CGSociety.

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll see if I can update the blog a little more often!

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