Wow, I’ve been so busy I plumb forgot about this blog! I haven’t even consistently visited my favorite web and blog haunts!

Anyway, I’ve been working with XSI more and I think I like it a little bit more. I found solutions to the problems that I was having. It’s still not as fun as Maya, but generally it’s working for me. I haven’t done too much modeling or rendering in it, just character animation – so it’s probably too early to tell.

I’ve also been thinking about getting a copy of Renderman for Maya – if you’ve used it and have good or bad things to say, please let me know. I’m trying out the evaluation version and it seems pretty seamless with Maya. Nice.

Lastly I’ve also been debating about getting a Cintiq or a tablet for at least the last year – for my drawing/painting itch. I passed on the Cintiq and opted for a portable smaller version of it… a tablet PC. It’s a slate tablet, so it has no keyboard attached to it – nice and portable. I do have a mini bluetooth keyboard if I need it and it works great. I really love the slate tablet – nice and small. I initially had some problems with it (sounds like it was a memory stick issue), but the service people have been really good so far. I get it back Monday and I’m sure I’ll post a full entry on the pros and cons. I may even spill the beans on the model and configuration!

Oh and one more thing, check out this cool illusion. I was totally convinced that they were two separate shades.

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