Holiday Gift Ideas?

Ok, so here is a collection of odds and ends from books, to DVDs, games and hardware that I sure enjoy and am happy that they found their way to me. Maybe someone else on your list might think the same… (it takes a second to load the widget… so go ahead and grab a coffee while it loads… there should be a bunch of pages (20) to browse through when you get back):


Not a lot of time to blog, just a quick note about the movie. I haven’t seen it yet… but what I have seen in trailers makes me shudder. Anyway here are a couple of links. Mark says that the story/movie doesn’t cut it (never mind the motion capture debate). His title on his blog is B.O. Wulf. He he… that made me chuckle. Also, looks like some of the creators of the movie themselves understand that it isn’t animation.

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