I have the privilige of being enrolled in a workshop for painting that is being taught by Don Seegmiller! Our first week is almost over and I thought I would post some of my work. The emphasis of the first week is the ‘eye.’ So I have been practicing drawing eyes. I’ll post them in chronological order. The top-most image is the earliest. You can click on the image to get a slightly larger version. I’m finding this very challenging as I haven’t done much painting. It is all digital painting using Painter.

This one has a bit more attitude. We were to try to limit the amount of time we spend on each study. On average about 20 to 30 minutes.








This one I did following along as Don painted a similar creature.








I sketched this creature fairly quickly and then spent time on getting the eyes to read.









We are encouraged to use reference images for our paintings. I used a tiger eye for this one. I think it took me more time to figure out how to make it look ‘furry’ than to paint the eye. So much to learn!





Well, I couldn’t resist. ‘The’ classic walking eyeball! I didn’t have time to finish off his arms and legs… remember, only 20 to 30 minutes and I’m still pretty slow at this.








This is my ‘eye’ creature. I had a lot of fun with this character (both in design – which was really quick) and in painting him. I entitle it ‘Boy Snail sees Girl Snail’. The creature had to be a monster. He does look kinda scary… I think.